Mixed Martial Arts…… Mixed With What?

I love Cashews! I just LOVE them….. but I HATE Mixed Nuts. That’s strange you say? Why, you ask? Well its because I don’t love Walnuts and Brazil Nuts! Peanuts (although technically not Nuts) are OK in moderation but when what I love comes with a bunch of stuff I don’t love, I cannot in all good conscience consider Mixed Nuts to be an improvement at all!

I do love Sultanas! I’m also kinda fond of Raisins and to tell the truth Currants are OK too. It comes then, as no real surprise that I HATE Mixed Fruit. If I wanted pieces of candied Orange Peel and Lemon Peel, dried Cherries and other versions of (what I consider to be) toxic waste, I would have bought them.

It seems that whenever you find something truly awesome. When you find something special, even remarkable, someone somewhere thinks, “Hey, wouldn’t it be a great idea if we mixed all that great stuff up with a bunch of some other cheaper and distasteful rubbish” and then proceeded to call it Mixed “Stuff You Like”

When I was a kid… I can remember with great fondness going down to the corner store after School to get myself a bag of lollies. Usually, I would order a musk stick, a cobber or 2 if I could afford them, Jelly Beans (my very favourite) and some Jubes. Oftentimes, the cranky and usually busy Shopkeeper would try to direct my attention to the prepackaged bags of Mixed Lollies. It was easier for him that way…he didn’t have to wait whilst my 6 year old finger gingerly wavered over the glass fronted counter announcing that I would have 1 cent’s worth of these, and……. 2 cents’ worth of those. He wanted me out of there with a big bag of prepacked “mixed” lollies that he had chosen earlier. He just wanted to serve the next crazy kid in line and sell him the Mixed Lollies as well. I can’t really blame him, although I’m sure that his interests rested squarely and in line with his own interests rather than mine…… When something is “Mixed” it surely seems to be a commercial interest on the part of the seller, rather than a “quality” or even a “esteemed preference” on the part of the purchaser.

This is not evil, per se, but this is surely not inline with the idea of providing the best of what is available or even what is in the best interest of the acquirer/customer or client.

And then there’s this……for aeons all of those that have espoused the myriad benefits of training in Martial Arts have, in large part, all agreed that getting or earning your Black Belt is a highly esteemed accomplishment. For time immemorial it has been seen as the epitome of skill and a representation of awesome Martial Arts Ability. The self same Students who have achieved the high standards and requirements befitting the Rank of Black Belt universally agree that much dedication to the training is required and advancement in Rank comes only after great effort in an ever increasing level or standard of skill and accomplishment.

So, how is it that we have come to a point, popularised by proponents of MMA, where the perception of getting 10 Yellow Belts in 10 differing styles is equal to a single Black Belt? Clearly, it’s not and never will be.

So what exactly is Mixed Martial Arts?
Is it Martial Arts without tradition?
Is it Martial Arts without the rich history and proud lineage?
Is it Martial Arts without high standards?
So what exactly is Mixed Martial Arts mixed with?
Martial Arts mixed with violence, aggressive intent and belligerence
Martial Arts mixed with sport
Martial Arts mixed with ego
Martial Arts mixed with the idea that achieving a plastic trophy is the pinnacle of ability
Martial Arts mixed with mediocre standards
Martial Arts mixed with spandex
Martial Arts mixed with Instructors without real in depth knowledge of the Arts
Martial Arts mixed with 10 Yellow Belts
Martial Arts mixed with Bloodsport
Martial Arts mixed with the expectation of the lowest common denominator
Martial Arts mixed with just about everything that has no place in the Martial Arts
Martial Arts mixed with deception….. its a sport, just a sport, and a really violent sport
Martial Arts mixed with the deception that its not really Martial Arts at all

Mixed Martial Arts may look like Martial Arts, but then rape looks a lot like sex…. but the intention is very, very different.

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